Wonder Tour

We can take you to an excursion, at the end of which you will feel as if you were a participant of the story because of the comprehensive effects on all your senses. The 4DX technology ensures the perfect movie experience as a result of various effects of air jet, movement, vibration and other actions composed to the movies.

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    8 seats

    Special movie seats and VR headsets for the maximum experience.

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    Many different movies

    New generation of action- and adventure movies.

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    For children

    Exciting tracks.

An experience acting on all human senses

Brace yourself for the landscape you are about to see in the movie, which is facilitated by special external effects so that you can feel as a real participant of the action. The combined environmental effects will ensure you the perfect illusion.


Experience the magic

Taking part in a 4DX movie is considered to be the most exciting 4D experiment in the world. Special technology ensures that watching of movies is quite a unique experience. Select from our offered movies and enjoy them as you have never enjoyed a movie before.


Let the magic begin!

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What to know to use

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    120-220 cm height

    Maximum weight 100 kg

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    Over 6 years of age

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    Statement about responsibility is mandatory

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    Free access is not established

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