Code of Conduct

General information
  • By purchasing an admission ticket, the Visitor also accepts this Code of Conduct as binding upon himself/herself. Our Code of Conduct is designed to ensure the comfort and safety of our Visitors, so that all our Visitors can enjoy the services of Funcity without any disturbance.
  • This Code of Conduct is issued by Fürdő Játékház Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság (VAT No.: 27072785-2-20, Company Registration number: 20-09-076716, authorised signatory: Zoltán Szabadics, Managing Director – being the operator of Funcity (hereinafter referred to as the “Operator”)).
  • The Code of Conduct of Funcity is available at the following website:, and you may also read it on the board placed at the Funcity ticket office.
  • We ask our Visitors to follow the advice and warnings of the Funcity staff, to respect our rules on height, weight, clothing, and to take care of their own and other Visitors’ physical safety. If you notice any malfunction or failure of any of our devices, please report it immediately to the Funcity staff.
  • Babysitting services are not provided at Funcity, children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult to use our services. The Funcity staff is entitled to verify the age of our Visitors before entry, and if the Visitor does not allow the age verification, Funcity is entitled to refuse entry.
  • In the event of non-compliance with this Code of Conduct, endangering the physical safety of the Visitor or others, the Funcity staff is entitled to ban the Visitor from using the services. In such case, the Visitor is not entitled to any compensation, and Funcity will have no obligation to refund the ticket price in whole or in part.
Admission conditions, in addition to purchasing a ticket or cinema ticket:
  • the Visitor has full capacity to act
  • in case of an incapacitated person or person with limited capacity to act, the legal representative or the person authorised to make a declaration (e.g. the accompanying teacher) needs to sign the applicable Disclaimer, and hand it over at the Funcity ticket office.
Detailed rules:
  1. The following items are not allowed to be brought into the Funcity area: flammable substances, sharp and piercing objects, food and beverages purchased elsewhere, scooters and roller skates.
  2. For safety reasons, chewing gum and candy of any kind is not allowed in the Funcity activity area.
  3. Visitors must use the activities and the equipment at their own risk and for their intended purpose. The Operator is solely responsible for the safe and proper condition of the assets and the equipment, eligible for their intended use. The Operator excludes any liability for any consequences of the Visitor’s misconduct.
  4. When using the equipment, care must be taken to ensure the health and safety of other Visitors, and due care and cooperation must be shown when using the play equipment. Endangering others is prohibited! All Visitors must follow the instructions of the Funcity staff.
  5. Funcity may only be visited by persons who are in good health and not under the influence of any medication (alcohol, drugs or any other mind-altering substances). If the Funcity staff believes that the Visitor’s condition does not meet these standards, they may ban the Visitor from entering or staying in the Funcity area.
  6. Pregnant ladies are not recommended to use the following activities/play equipment, for the benefit of themselves and their baby: Rocketman, Turbocharger, Thunder Race, Crazy Rush.
  7. Anyone who damages or steals any Funcity equipment may be liable to pay compensation for the full damage, and may be made subject to misdemeanour or criminal proceedings, depending on the value of the damage caused.
  8. Any commercial activity, including any promotional, sales, audio or video recording for commercial purposes, is prohibited at the Funcity premises, without the Operator’s prior written permission.
  9. The transfer of discount wristbands to other Visitors is prohibited!
  10. The activities may not be used in slippers. Wearing jewellery (watches, bracelets, rings, necklaces, long earrings) may cause an accident, so please remove them before the game starts. If possible, we recommend not wearing glasses, and for the Crazy Rush, Wonder Tour and Rocket man activities glasses must be removed! Long hair must be tied.
  11. The Operator is not responsible for objects left behind at the Funcity premises. We recommend that you lock your valuables in the lockers found at the lobby. Lost and found objects must be handed in at the Funcity ticket office, where they will be registered. Lost and found objects will be kept for two weeks, and can only be collected in person - with proof of ownership -.
  12. The consumption of food and drinks are not allowed in the game area, for accident prevention and hygiene reasons. Food and drinks are only available in the buffet and its guest area, in the designated area.
  13. All areas of Funcity are accessible for people with disabilities. The use of activities/games is restricted for disabled persons - please contact the Funcity staff for more information.
  14. Funcity, as the Data Controller, operates a CCTV system for asset and personal security reasons. There are prominent signs warning of camera surveillance. The Privacy Policy for camera surveillance is displayed at the ticket office. The Privacy Policy of the Data Controller, Fürdő Játékház Kft., is available at the website, and at the Funcity ticket office.
  15. For the health of our Visitors, for full day opening, we have a 30-minute disinfection break at a predetermined time during the day, at which time all Visitors must leave the Funcity area.
  16. Any device suitable for taking photos or videos, e.g. mobile phones or camera etc., may be brought into the Funcity area at your own risk. We ask our Visitors not to disturb other Visitors when taking photos and videos, and to respect the privacy of other Visitors. Selfie sticks are not allowed to be used, for safety reasons. Drones are not allowed in the Funcity area. Funcity Visitors can be photographed and video recorded for marketing purposes by the staff of the Operator, Fürdő Játékház Kft. The relevant provisions and responsibilities are set out in the Privacy Policy of Fürdő Játékház Kft.
  17. Smoking is prohibited in the entire area of Funcity - with the exception of the outdoor smoking area - and the ban also applies to e-cigarettes. The cost of any damage caused by smoking must be borne by the offending Visitor.
  18. Funcity may, on occasion, adopt different rules from the above for its own events, of which it will inform the participants in advance. In the case of group bookings, it is the responsibility of the organiser to ensure that the rules of this Code of Conduct are respected by the relevant Visitors.
  19. Age recommendations are not binding, but the physical preconditions and other requirements set must always be respected. Each activity/game element has a limited capacity. Information boards inform Visitors about the use of the activities. In the case of minors, it is the responsibility of the adult accompanying the minor to ensure that the minor understands the rules.
  20. Before using the activities, Visitors must ensure that they are in good health, mental and physical condition. If you feel unwell while using any of the activities/games, please report it immediately to our staff, and leave the activity/game area!
  21. Funcity has detailed rules of use for each activity, which the players are obliged to know. Information on the detailed rules is available at the lobby to the games/activities, or at the ticket office, on request.
  22. The use of flammable electrical appliances and open flame is prohibited in the Funcity area. Transit and escape routes should not be blocked or narrowed, even temporarily. In the event of fire or other hazard, you must leave the building using the designated escape routes, or notify the Funcity staff at the reception desk. Failure to comply with the fire safety regulations may result in damage compensation, or a fire safety fine being levied.
  23. As the Operator of Funcity, Fürdő Játékház Kft. reserves the right to amend this Code of Conduct any time. The amended Code of Conduct will be published at the website, and posted at the entrance of Funcity, from the date of entry into force.
Thank you for your cooperation and enjoy your stay!